Any Day Forever

Verse one:
You wanted me
To sing this song
Looking back I believe
You wanted me strong
The song was it meant
For you or me
I’m standing
In the rain again
Still your words set me free

Any day forever
You have been a friend
The two of us
Together until the end
Most days they’ve been sunny
Others not so fun
Either way
You are here today
Any day forever
The only one

Verse two:
Blue sky all around
I want us both to know
Whether dreaming
In our beds at night
Or shut our eyes tight
Here we go
The song was it meant
For you or me
Today we sit side by side
Wondering how this could be

Chorus: repeat

It’s so easy for me
To doubt the good times
That lie ahead
And in the same breath
Forget our past
The love you’ve shown me
I know will only grow
A love that will surely last and last

Chorus: repeat

Any Day Forever
Lyrics and music by
Matt Penson Copyright 2018