1. He Wept


He Wept

Verse one:
I’ve fallen down
Many times before
I have been told by some
That there is no keeping score

I am tired of a world
I now know too well
Feel the need to shout aloud
Can you hear my voice
Above the crowd

I have taken you for granted
And my pride
It has robbed me of the truth
For every promise I’ve never kept
I bare the scars of my regret
Still, with the price He paid for me
For all my sins
He wept

Verse two:
Look around
Now tell me
Things how do they seem
Does life feel different
Is it better
Or one bad dream

Walk-up: repeat

Chorus: repeat

As I share with you friend
My recent ways
Suddenly I’m taken back
To my childhood days
A time when things were simple
And easy to see
That my best friend
Died nailed to a tree for me

Chorus: repeat

He Wept
Lyrics and music by
Matt Penson Copyright 2017