1. No One Around


No One Around

Verse one:

I saw you just the other day
Your empty smile gave you away
The plans you said you couldn’t change
Left me standing in the rain

Walk up:
But I’m not going to be the one
To undo what you have already done

Now there’s no one around
You can cry to
There’s no one around
That you can bring down
You slip into the darkness
In light of the truth you have found

Verse two:
Sing hallelujah to your friends
Practice learning to pretend
You keep your secrets in your head
A place where angels fear to tread

Walk up:
And you can’t recognize the change
Through your bitterness and rage

Chorus two: repeat
There’s no one around you can lie to
There’s no one around it’s not like before
My mind tells me I’m leaving
But my heart keeps me wanting you more

Chorus: repeat

Chorus two: repeat

No One Around
Lyrics and music by
Matt Penson Copyright 2018