1. Best for Me


Best for Me

Verse one:
Best for me
All she wanted to be
Some things
A child should never see
Still times
I’d watch her struggle
Her yesterday’s
Are why today I’m free
She was the best
Best for me

Verse two:
Best for me
Wonderin’ just how long
She and I will last
With her past
Her future glory
No, I don’t want this story to end
My friend
She was the best
Best for me

Verse three:
Thoughts that now
Entertain her mind
Can clear and cloud a person’s head
When one feels left behind
When I return
It is only she and I
Only she
And I
Cause she’s still the one
She will always be
The very best for me

Best for Me
Lyrics and music by
Matt Penson Copyright 2020