Our Life’s Song

Verse one:
You have shown
A kind of kindness to me
And though it’s not my place
To know why
Now I see
That if I
I could only be
Just like you
Listening to our life’s song

Verse two:
I’d be six feet deep
Without your hand
Still at times I’ve felt alone
I believe now I can stand
Should I ever fall again
You are here
To watch me when I land
Listening to our life’s song

I feel one with the wind
How it whispers through the trees
And a setting sun has been known
To bring me to my knees
It was you
That did your best to please
By showing me in life
Beauty in the simple things

Verse three:
Both your eyes and ears
Were there from the start
When you listened to my song
You were listening to my heart
In this world it’s guaranteed
You and I must part
But one day we’ll live forever
Listening to our life’s song

Our Life’s Song
Lyrics and music by
Matt Penson Copyright 2017